Umar Welfare Foundation


Free Medical Camps

Umar Welfare Foundation regularly organizes free medical camps all over Pakistan, especially in remote areas where people can’t afford or do not have access to basic healthcare facilities. In these camps consultation, counselling, different diagnostic tests and investigations such as sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood group and BMI etc and medicines are provided and all these services are given completely free of cost.

Before arranging a camp at a specific site, Umar Welfare Foundation volunteers take a prior field examination of the general conditions of the area with the help of local administration, health officials, philanthropists and then our experts decide what type of expert physicians and medicines should be sent at that site i-e Diabetes, Pediatricians or general physicians or even all of them. Our trustees and camp organizers also keep a keen eye on the health conditions of underdeveloped areas with the help of print and electronic media.

Drinking Water Supplies

For thousands of vulnerable people living in remote areas, harmed by food and water insecurity, safe and clean water wells can be a life-changing solution. Our ring wells provide safe drinking water for an incredible many people in need, while our water ponds minimize water-loss for areas affected by extremely hot weather and environmental shocks.  Our water solutions are designed with the local population and environment in mind, to ensure that access to this basic human right is provided in the most efficient way.

When we build a water system, we ensure communities have a sustainable source of clean water for years to come. We recognize the risk of drought, displacement, and disease. We know that simply drilling wells and installing water pumps cannot solve the water crisis.

Education Center

We know that education holds the power to help people escape poverty, even in the face of adversity.

If Pakistan were to halve inequality in access to education, it would increase its economic growth by 1.7%.

Umar Welfare Foundation’s is on a mission to provide quality marketable education to all.  We view our as nation building.  By empowering our children with a good education, we aim to make them productive members of society. We build more schools in other locations with the support of donors from across the globe.

We believe that one day, these children will help build a happier more prosperous Pakistan.

Umar Welfare Foundation has been able to transform thousands of lives by providing quality education to children across the country.

Free Marriage Center

Umar Welfare Foundation regularly organizes congregational marriage programs all over Pakistan in which multiple marriages are arranged in one program. We also support individual marriages in availability of our Marriage Support Fund. In congregational/individual marriages, we provide the following items to each couple in order to support them for the new beginnings.

  1. Basic home furniture which includes
    a. Double bed with side tables
    b. Two chairs along with table
    c. A cupboard
  2. Sewing machine
  3. Pedestal fan
  4. Steel crockery
  5. Dinner set


Umar Welfare Foundation are committed to achieving through our various programs and initiatives. We aim to provide food for people in need, provide inclusive educational and welfare support for children living with disabilities or in poverty, assist in the welfare of those receiving medical treatment, and help the most vulnerable in society through financial hardship grants. These objectives guide our efforts to make a positive impact on the lives of those who are facing various challenges and difficulties. We believe that by working together, we can create a better world for everyone, and our foundation is dedicated to making that vision a reality.

Free Education Center

Orphan Support

Drinking Water Supply

Free Meal Distribution

Business Establishment

Free Skill Center

Free Health Services

Free Marriage Center